Providing robust retirement benefits for your association members

As an association, you have pulled together companies in a similar profession to promote common goals and provide a myriad of benefits. Now through the establishment of the SECURE Act and working together with Raymond James IFS, we’ve created a solution that allows associations to offer a pooled retirement plan.

The benefits?

Plan-smart, group negotiated pricing

Outsourced plan administration allows employees to focus on their jobs and not managing a retirement plan

Outsourcing most fiduciary responsibilities can help reduce your risk, both administrative and investment management

Plan participants will have access to our Financial Advisors who can assist them with individual wealth management services

Providing a retirement plan shows employees that you care and are invested in them

All of this can help towards acheiving better retirement outcomes for the plan sponsor and the participants

How does it work?

It’s easy. NEXT Retirement Solutions and its partners oversee plan setup, implementation, monitoring, enrollment and other duties. Through the “pooling” of association members we are able to provide greater efficiencies and the benefits listed above while still maintaining individual corporate plans.

Connect with us to obtain a complimentary analysis of these benefits specific to your association.