Corporate retirement plans customized to each company

A WELL-DESIGNED PLAN is an ideal way for companies to attract and retain quality employees, as well as help owners and executives plan and save for their own futures. NEXT Retirement Solutions can provide plan sponsors with the specialized knowledge and expertise they need to navigate the countless plan choices, and the many fiduciary duties and responsibilities that accompany them.

Our team is committed to also ensuring that plan participants receive the seasoned guidance and attentive service for which we’re known. The team’s objective is to help plan sponsors provide plans that are in their participants’ best interests, while minimizing expenses and complying with all Department of Labor and ERISA regulations.

Being prepared for retirement is a priority from both a corporate and individual perspective. It’s why NEXT Retirement Solutions helps companies and their employees with planning for life’s most important milestone.

Our services include assisting plan sponsors with:
  • Plan oversight and governance – maintain knowledge and understanding of state and federal regulations, and help ensure compliance of programs and practices
  • Investment selection recommendations and monitoring of fund lineup to enable plan participants to build a diversified portfolio
  • Benchmarking and request for proposal services – compare your plan with others in similar industries, and help with the proposal process for selecting a new plan provider
  • Recordkeeper management – track plan assets, investments and earnings, plus statistics such as employer contributions and rollover contributions
  • Retirement readiness strategies – analyze the retirement readiness of plan participants, and develop a strategy for improving this important metric
  • Plan design – help employers develop a customized retirement plan that meets their business, employee and personal objectives
  • Investment management – manage plan funds to meet the specified investment goals

Plans we service:

A defined contribution plan where an employee can make contributions from his or her paycheck either before or after taxes, depending on the options offered in the plan

A defined contribution plan in which an employer has discretion to determine when and how much the company pays into the plan

A company pension plan in which an employee's pension payments are calculated according to length of service and the salary they earned at the time of retirement (Our team can manage assets to current liabilities. If needed, we can also help with the termination process.)

A pension plan under which an employer credits a participant's account with a set percentage of his or her yearly compensation plus interest charges (Our team can help manage assets to a stated rate.)

An elective or non-elective plan, agreement, method or arrangement between an employer and an employee (or service recipient and service provider) to pay the employee or independent contractor compensation in the future (Our team can help with funded and unfunded plans, as well as corporate life insurance plans.)

A retirement plan in which the company contributes its stock (or money to buy its stock) to the plan for the benefit of the company's employees