Managing wealth wisely for individuals and families

OUR TEAM serves successful families and individuals who understand the importance of having a well-designed financial plan for addressing essential priorities including funding their children’s college educations and preparing for retirement.

Our team serves many multigenerational clients, creating comprehensive plans that encompass the needs of children and grandchildren. The ongoing goal is to serve as your financial advisors for life, managing and preserving your wealth, and building your legacy – so you are free to focus on the things in life that matter most.

The advisors on our team have years of experience in addressing important financial matters such as asset preservation, tax planning, managing cash flow, managing education debt, and valuing a company or practice for purchase or sale. Often our team finds that a family’s wealth is concentrated in a single stock, received through inheritance or company benefits. NEXT Retirement Solutions has strategies designed to resolve this risk, while also mitigating the tax implications.

Family is important to our clients, so our team takes extra measures to truly understand each client’s unique family dynamics and fulfill the wishes they have for their loved ones. Our advisors help clients have a legacy plan that not only provides for their family and the charitable causes they’re passionate about, but also has the potential to yield tax benefits and further their overall wealth management plan.

Changes in tax laws may occur at any time and could have a substantial impact upon each person’s situation. Investors should consult a tax professional for tax advice specific to their situation.