Addressing the objectives and needs of plan sponsors

OUR TEAM has the privilege of working with many of the most prestigious organizations across the country. They range in all manners of size and complexity. As a national practice, our clients are located in all time zones from Los Angeles to Chicago to New York.

Corporate clients are attracted to our organization’s full-service customized model and highly knowledgeable team. They tend to expect excellence and integrity. By contrast, nonprofit organizations typically have not employed the services of an advisory firm prior to working with our team. While there are different regulations that govern how these plans are managed, our clients share a common objective - to construct a plan so that their employees can retire the way they would like.

Rather than offering ill-fitting, off-the-shelf solutions, we provide retirement services specifically customized for each client and its plan participants. The team provides assistance with every aspect of the retirement plan, from constructing plan documents, advising with sophisticated investment analysis, and solutions to assisting with on-site support for plan participants. The expertise of our team and the scope of services offered are designed to serve plan sponsors in a most complete and comprehensive manner.

Documentation and transparency regarding items such as service agreements and fee arrangements are also crucial, and our team makes this part of its protocol. Each client receives an annual executive summary at the end of each year. The team also has a proactive client communication model and strives to analyze any new legislation and provide information to clients as soon as possible.

Our focus is on your plan. Our goal is to be easy to work with and ultimately help participants retire their way.