A comprehensive process for serving plan sponsors

AT NEXT RETIREMENT SOLUTIONS, our goal is to help you create a retirement plan that will enable your employees to save for their retirements, and engage them to increase their participation. To this end, our team employs a structured process to address three key areas – plan design and administration, investment management and monitoring, and employee participation and engagement.

Plan design and administration

To evaluate your existing plan or design a new one consistent with your organization’s philosophy and needs, we will conduct an audit, help you define your plan philosophy, and consult with you on the design and implementation of your plan.

Our team will conduct provider analysis that measures benchmarking, outsourcing and cost management. To compare different plan providers, our team members will complete a provider analysis report to help negotiate fees and select an appropriate investment lineup. In addition, our team will advise you on your fiduciary roles and responsibilities and offer guidance for compliance.

Investment management and monitoring

Since the investment lineup essentially serves as the vehicle for your employees to retire comfortably their way, it must be chosen, monitored and adjusted with the highest degree of professionalism and due diligence.

It’s why, in every recommendation we make, our investment selection process is overseen by a professional with experience creating investment committees, drafting the agenda and guiding the course of action toward peak investment and investor performance.

Our team conducts due diligence meetings with investment professionals and mutual fund companies on an ongoing basis. We incorporate investment research and direct contact with fund managers to help our clients make informed decisions.

Our team will also help you write or review your Investment Policy Statement, implement it in coordination with your provider, and revise it as needed going forward to help ensure that your portfolio remains aligned with your investment philosophy. As time goes on, we will provide account management to your employees, and ongoing reporting to you in order to monitor the progress of your investments and overall plan.

Our advice is completely independent and objective, and our fees are fully disclosed. You can feel confident we are making the most intelligent choices free of conflict, competition and concern.

Employee participation and engagement

To help your plan participants get the most out of the company retirement plan, our team can provide a wide array of educational services as part of our ongoing relationship with your company so your employees will have the support they need. Our team is committed to being available to answer questions and meet with your employees – and take the time to understand their goals and offer objective investment advice to help them.